Construction permit for strategic investment in agriculture, "Doni Fruits" Albania, is approved
Përditësuar së fundmi: 31/07/2018

Construction permit for strategic investment in agriculture, “Doni Fruits” Albania, is approved

nga Albana Mucaj
Kor 31, 2018


The biggest agricultural trade developer is expected to start building a collection and processing facility.
The National Territory Council has approved the 1.6 ha facility construction permit in Lushnja. This gives the green light to Doni Fruits company to realize the 8 million Euro investment. The construction permit foresees the establishment of the “Center for Collection, Preservation, Distribution and Export for Fruits, Vegetables and Citrus”.

The surface of this center (land and facility), already purchased by the company, is 3.2 hectares.
The investment is expected to open 300 direct jobs and have an impact for 6000-7000 indirect jobs across all over Albania.

Fatos Mustafa, who has been lobbying for this project, encourages farmers to increase their harvests. “DoniFruits” foresees to supply the domestic market and export agricultural products to the global market. Mustafa says for that, “Through this initiative, there is the opportunity to leave no square meter of farmland uncultivated, to increase exports and to reduce agricultural imports. According to him, the project will have the most modern technique in Albania”.

During last years, investments in collection, storage and packaging of products have increased. This has led to an increase of 10% -15% of exports per year. However, imports of agricultural products continue to remain high.