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Madi Sharma: 2023 the Year for No Excuses!

Madi Sharma

Madi Sharma it’s an entrepreneur, businesswoman, and especially said an activist! She is known for her modest but powerful saying: “No excuses”. She believes you are the only one that can define your own success, but you should work hard for it. 

In an exclusive interview for Business Magazine, she tells us all about being a businesswoman in the era that we are living and making a difference. 

Our society is struggling with the pandemic effects and the war in Ukraine. How do you see the opportunity for business development under these conditions? What should an entrepreneur or a manager consider first? Do our priorities change?

So, we have had Covid, we are now going into a global recession, and the conflict in Ukraine continues. We can ask is it all doom and gloom – or we can say, what are my opportunities? It’s all about mindset. Being a pessimist, looking on the negative side, closes our minds. Trying to be optimistic, even with dark clouds above, means we will find that ray of sunshine that gives us hope for change. 

Whether in business as an Entrepreneur (Entrepreneur has a capital E for me because Entrepreneurs are the backbone of society) or as a manager, in fact at any level within an organization, the opportunities presented to us most often arise from the challenges we face. Where there are problems, look for solutions because if you are facing that particular problem, then I can guarantee that you are not the only one, and so, by solving the problem, you will identify an opportunity that can help others. Then you just have to consider how to turn it to the advantage of the company, or how to commercialize it. 

Admittedly, it’s unlikely that you can solve the current global problems as an individual. However, you can address some of the local challenges affecting you and your communities, and by addressing the things you can change, you do not become distracted by those things you cannot change! 

LEXO: Gratë në biznes/ Episod frymëzues në Startop. Nga konkursi për vajzat deri tek start-upi për studentët

You are an expert in personal development and communication. How important is communication now? What have we lost or gained with the development of online communication?

The 21st Century is the era of CO: CO-llaboration, CO-mmunication, CO-operation, CO-working, and CO-llateral. COllateral is our human capital. And that is the point, we have chosen to ignore the human connection. 

We now believe we have customers and great business profiles because we have “likes” or followers – but that doesn’t translate to profit! So, the communication we need is to convert the likes and followers into paying customers if we are in business. 

Of course, today it is not just about profit, it’s about “brand”: what are you doing, how are you doing it, and who/what are you impacting? Those messages need to be clearly communicated because that is what makes people buy from you and your company.

When I started in business, we used to talk about B2B, business to business. Then we talked about B2C business to customers. Now we talk about H2H, human to human. But – if we are not looking into the eyes of the humans we are trying to serve, and we are not listening to them because we are too busy telling them what we want them to know about us, then how can we turn them into customers? How can we serve them with the things they need? 

So, my point is that communication is a two-way process, output, and input. You must therefore engage with your customers during your communication, or it will be a wasted effort. 

And I want to add a warning regarding communication: Don’t let the social media side of your communication become a distraction. Getting that balance right is vital or you will lose focus on your business!!! 

You have a huge impact on empowering women globally. What is more important in empowering women? What should be done by the government and the organizations?

As a survivor of domestic violence, supporting women globally and bringing the equality agenda to governments and policymakers has always been a passion of mine. I built my businesses to be able to use the profits to support the progress of women. 

Women do not necessarily need empowerment – We already have an inbred immense power and ability. What we need most is an environment that provides us with a level playing field with our male counterparts. Equality is about parity – An equal representation of women where there are men to give a balanced discussion and the same number of votes – One gender should not have more than the other. So, this is what governments and policymakers/decision-makers at all levels need to ensure. 

There must be an equal number of women in the room as men. Every policy needs to be assessed to make sure it does not discriminate against women, nor does it discriminate against men! We are a long way from equality but we can change that by just bringing an equal number of women around the decision-making table. Thereafter, we can start building a more inclusive society that better reflects the demographics of the world we live in today.

What should a businesswoman consider more in business development?

There is no difference between women in business and men in business. Business is about profit, serving customer needs, and impact. So, the fundamentals of business do not change, and no excuses can be made about gender differences. 

However, businesswomen have many strengths over businessmen. To start with women listen more, they can identify the problems and the solutions – a fundamental foundation of business. Women are NOT more risk-averse; they just manage risk better and assess the risks, this means women in business (statistically) fail less! A great incentive for investment. But women often refuse to ask for financing or help. If you don’t ask for help, then people assume you don’t need help. Please remember we are in the age of H2H, humans help each other!!  

One further strength of women in business is that they consider the impact on others. Both staff, and the environment. This means they retain their staff longer, invest in training, and consider their corporate social responsibility more than male-owned companies. 

So, there is only one thing women need to accept, they are better than business men, so please stop using excuses and get on with it! Believe in yourself because I believe in you! 

 LEXO: Jo! Këtë lloj shërbimi taxi nuk e ke provuar kurrë në Shqipëri

Your motto is “No Excuses”. Could you tell us more? What happens when we don’t have any more excuses?

So, this is where the Madi No Excuses! motto came from. Either we can be victims, play the victim and be victimized, or we can be survivors and demonstrate our strength and competencies. When you accept responsibility for your life, your situation, and your future, you stop using excuses. When all the excuses are pushed to one side and no longer used, it’s amazing what you can achieve. Try It. 

I have no qualifications, and no training, I was a survivor of domestic violence with 2 small children, no money, and very little confidence when I started. Now, look at me! Life has not been easy, but each struggle has made me stronger, and I know if I can do it, others can do it too. It’s why I put my hand out to help another woman up! 

What is your message for entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs, and students?

Gandhi said, “You must be the change you want to see”. Madi says “You must be the change YOU want to see, No Excuses!” 

Entrepreneurs and Changemakers see what needs changing and get on and do it. Life gives us only 2 choices: to do or not to do ……will you sit there and complain, or will you get up and try, do and succeed, even if it takes several goes. You will only ever have one regret in life, that you didn’t try!! 

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