Past events

Shtator 24, 2015

Startup Grind Tirana hosts Avni Ponari (SIGAL UNIQA GROUP AUSTRIA)

Mr. Avni Ponari is CEO of SIGAL UNIQA GROUP AUSTRIA, one of the biggest insurance groups in the region, leader of the Albanian and Kosova insurance market. Mr. Ponari is the person who founded SIGAL U...
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Shtator 14, 2015

TDW- Tirana Design Weeks

TDW- Tirana Design Weeks is the very first event; entirely dedicated to design in Albania and is created with the aim to tackle the manifestations of creativity, with a specific focus on the contempor...
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Shtator 10, 2015

Startup Grind presents Blerand Stavileci

Startup Grind currently based in 175 cities and 70 countries wolrdwide, is an monthly event featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators and investors who share lessons learned. Found...
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Shtator 7, 2015

ABC Accelerator is visiting Tirana!

ABC Accelerator is coming to Tirana to present new funding opportunities for Albanian startups! ABC is searching for product-ready globally ambitious startups for our next program, "Smart Living &...
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Shtator 5, 2015

TEDxTirana 2015 “Profound Reflections”

The next TEDxTirana Event, you can't miss this :) The doubtful roads that lead us back to our true selves and create a better picture of our aims for the future start the moment we pause and reflec...
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Shtator 1, 2015

Start Qube

How about a week of vacation in an attractive location + a unique & high quality startup camp in a non-formal way? Well, keep reading! StartQube, brought to you by the same organization of C...
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Gusht 26, 2015

Si të aplikoni për LocalEyes GoGlobal Prize

Tutorial në ndihmë të aplikantëve në: GoGlobal Prize: Does your idea have global potential? We're waiting for you! The perfect prize for your globally innovative startup...
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Gusht 13, 2015

Summarize your Summer with Leadership

SSL është një akademi verore që synon të nxisë një mënyrë ndryshe të të menduarit tek të rinjtë, në zgjedhjet që bëjnë dhe aktivitetet që përfshihen. Kjo do arrihet me mënyrën e vecantë sesi ky pro...
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Gusht 8, 2015


Welcome to the future! This is DOKU:TECH 2015. On the 8th and 9th of August, DOKU:TECH will bring world’s top thinkers in a venue together in Kosovo. The two days will be filled with inspirational ...
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Korrik 30, 2015

Startup Grind Tirana Hosts Startup Summer Party

Startup Grind Tirana Hosts Startup Summer Party We welcome you to the first Tirana Startup Summer Party of the year. At this awesome evening we will get together to have an amazing time, and kick-o...
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