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Ja disa arsye pse Amerika ndryshon nga Shqiperia ( nje artikull nga” klajdi Balla” ) “Univeristy of New York Tirana “

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Maj 05, 2018
Klajdi Balla Major: Finance UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK Tirana
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American culture vs Albanian culture

Have you ever find yourself shocked in the middle of a foreign culture which has totally been very different from your culture .From all of things  we  are   all grown  up  ,the place, the society  ,different ways of looking things and mentality and  also culture heritages  ,we  should  accept one  thing  that  is unique for  each  culture  which is  we  are  different  and    distinctive in  culture formation.Every  nation has its own  history  and  tradition  of  building  their  culture perspective . That is called the diversity of cultures all around the world which actually changes from  a  country to another one. When it comes to American and Albanian culture there  are lots of  contrast based on informality behavior,challenging authority and materialism.

All Americans are well known for their informality behavior   .They might surprise   you when they will show “lack of respect” for example by not shaking your hands or not  kiss you on cheeks when  they  go  away or when they  meet  someone even  a family member.They  will also  cut down  conversations by saying to you  just  a  “goodbye” or “see you”.Another point where informality is  recognized  as a different  behaviour is when high  level executives  working in their  offices in shirt sleeves and from time to time without ties.Americans  also  see “a friend”  as  just  about  anybody  with whom they  have  friendly relations just  like co-workers,classmates,friends of friends .They   do not  find  any  close friend or any  close  relations to anyone.you may  find  yourself  very  let down  when  your  new American friend  will show  you that they  do not  want to consider  you different  from other friend,he will go out  with you very rarely.From  the  other side  Albanians are totally different .They  are  called  a warm  society .They  are  a  well  welcoming  people ,as   we  like  every  tourist or  foreign people   and  open  our  doors to offer  them water and food .They  will hug  and  even  kiss  a friend  or family  member  every  time  they meet  or  leave  them.Albanians are much more  strict  in  their  work ,or  better   emphasise the CEO managers  whom  are  always  wearing suit and ties in their everyday job habitual.Albanians  also has  a classification  when  it comes  to  their  friends , they do not consider every type of  friends as close friend.I consider that Albanians triumph at this peak  or “informality” because  this social  behavior   creates healthy social environment.

The  basic  step  to guide yourself  to  accomplish  or  achieve  some  things  which  can  be beneficial  for  you  is  to ask,to  have  a  willingness to  brake  barriers ,to argue  ,to converse in order to face the reality ,with  some  words to   have  a culture in   challenging authority  .In many different countries authority is not challenged but in America is.Americans  are grown up with a different culture when it comes to challenging authority like to question, investigate ,evaluate,surf the internetor when  they  argue with mature people.It is very usual to hear that  a student controverse his or her professor .The universities and  high  schools in  America are a  well built systems  from where  small  children “fight “ by studying to be the “future leaders”. People in the United States always want to ask  questions and  always  try  to seek for new  facts in a discussion.The plot  of  all of this is  that  they  are always gathering  informations and so on they  want  to  develop and  open  their  minds.In contrast Albanians are totally different based  on challenging authority.They are taught  and  grow  with  the mentality  to listen  to every single word  a father ,a professor or someone who is mature than  them  says, because they have no information to controverse their parents or someone else. Lack of investment  in school  infrastructure  has restricted much more chances that the students can not be updated to what  nowdays  world  can  offer them as scholar.The Albanian children can not have access and be updated to everything  because they  can not  afford a computer or be organized outside of school ,also the heritage mentality of their  culture affect them .At this  point America  should  be  valued  for this opportunity that  gives their  new generation and  Albania  need  some  investment  and  some  focus  from the government.

One thing  that  America  is  well  known is  for  their materialism.High definition television ,expensive  cars,digital gadgets  useful in their homes are a necessity in America  because high school  students ,bank tellers,clerks ,and even janitors can  find  money  to  buy  cars and take  vacations.Another point is  that  one  primarily cause  of  this  never-ending materialism is promotion.Is  all explained like the  expression” keeping up with  the  jones”  that  mean  that  each  neighbor  invest  on  his own  house by  influenced on their fellow citizen . for example If his or  her  neighbor  will install a new swimming  pool in his or her home  ,his  or her neighbor will do the  same .mostly the mass advertising  through  television  has  actually attached many Americans to  keep up with .In  America  it  can   be very strangeful when you will see and  meet  people with sport utility vehicles while   concering about the price of gasoline that  it look even lower  from  others.Also the  size of  new American houses   has  doubled in the past  fifty years ,this  means that America is  changing its  cultural of materialism to another  level.In  contrast  with  Albania I see many  controversies based on  materialism.Albanians consider  those things   luxuries  as  discussed above  things like,expensive cars,advanced technology gadgets etc .I see  this   point as  a  perspective of economic growth  which in Albania is very low ,that  affects  life  in terms of buying  expensive things like cars.Albanians are restricted  on  those so called “ good material” .It is very  rare  to find  a student  that  owns a car  that has  bought  it with  his money.Another point where I see  that  Albanians controvers  is when  we do not  mind  what our  neighbor  is  building in  his house ,we  do not  have  those  mentalities like  “keeping  up with  jones” .Also  the advertising  process is  affecting  us but  not  at  that  mass like  Americans  that have achieved the extremity  of coping and imitating the famous people  behavior.   Most of Albanian  are  poor  from  that  point because  they  are not   having the advertising access  also  the  economy   is  actually very low .They  are trying  to get developed and keep up with  the latest news but  it will need  time  to make it more clear for all people.

In conclusion  I consider all the facts  and  details talked  above very  useful  in  order  to make  a  distinction about  two  types of  cultures Albanian and American. In terms of  informality behavior,challenging authority and materialism I have  found   a lot  of controversies between  two cultures.In informality behavior American   are   a kind of  “disrespectful” with  their  “friends” whom they never  treat like  a  friend   compared with  Albanians  that  are  very  warm as a nature and shows much  peace  in terms of society .I reflect something like  this  can  harm  our  social interactions with people and  can  have  negative  impacts .when  it  comes to challenging authority  American culture  have   a  really  good improvement at  this point because our  children  is our  future  and  a good  education  of  them  build  our stability and development future.so the culture that  is  feeding the new  generation  by  encouraging them  to  break  the  wall of their  knowledge  can be  very productive in social life.   Albanian based on challenging authority  have no fault  of thi ,but I believe that are victms of   bad government politics .Based on materialism I found that most of Americans could  afford to buy expensive things  that  for Albanian are luxuries also  American have  a lot  o influences from advertising that  make  them to  keep up with  new  things.Amercians spend much more than Albanians on “good material”. I evaluate   Americans as an  exaggeration on materialism which can lead  to  a society that always  want  to buy  and  spend a lot  of money on    things that can not be necessary . I suggest  that  a society that  spend more money on  valuable things  can be a good  progress society.With  all of those  controversies between  two cultures I think  that every single  culture  in the  world has its unique and sometimes we can not  change our culture heritage but we can avoid certain things today  that  we  have  the power  as a humans.I accept as true those controversies and  I think  that  is it is different cultures that make the world go round at the end of the day








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