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A Brief Introduction to NodeJS

nga Rotan Sharma
Gus 23, 2019
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Node.js is used for executing JavaScript code outside of a browser. It is a cross-platform runtime environment and an open-source platform for app development. However, remember that Node.js is not a framework, it is a programming language.  Most people get confused and misunderstand technology as a framework. Node.js is often used for building back-end services such as mobile app, web app or APIs. 

The technology is also used in production by large companies such as Wallmart, Paypal, Netflix, and uber. Let’s find out more details about Node.JS and how Node JS app development companies use it for app development

Features of NodeJS

  • Using Node you can easily develop fast and scalable applications 
  • Easy-to-start with which can also be used for prototyping and agile development
  • You get a larger ecosystem for open-source library
  • Node.js has a non-blocking and asynchronous nature
  • Source code is cleaner and consistent

Advantages of using NodeJS

Real-time Web Apps

Real-time web apps like chatting, messaging, and gaming apps can be made easily with Node.js. It has faster synchronization and has an event loop that avoids HTTP being overloaded for Node.js app development. 

Quick Scalability

Node.js is easily scalable. You can add extra resources and features during the app development to make your app more engaging and interesting for users.  

Fast Suite

The best part of Nodejs is that it runs on a V8 engine developed by Google. The role of the event loop is that it handles all the asynchronous operations to make Nodejs a fast suite for all the operations such as reading and writing in the database can be done quickly.

Easy to Learn and Code

Node js is not only easy to learn and code but is also a non-developer or a beginner who knows a little bit about javascript can use Nodejs easily. 

Advantage of Caching

You do not need to re-execute the code as it provides single caching. So, therefore if there is any request for the first module, it remains in the memory of the application. 

Data Streaming 

Request and response in Nodejs are considered as two separate events. Therefore, they act as a data stream, when you process a file at the time of loading, the overall time will be reduced making it faster. You can also stream audio and video files at lightning speed. 

The Bottom Line

The technology is well supported by the developers community. In case you want to give it a try and develop applications, you must know that brand names like Walmart, Netflix, and Paypal have used this technology. Simply hire nodejs developers and start developing astounding apps that you have never experienced and used before.