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3 Reasons Why CEH Training in Kolkata Has Become So Popular

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Qer 28, 2019
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Not just in Kolkata, ethical hacking training courses have become a spectacularly popular option for lakhs of students across India. And there are many, many reasons for that.

Emerging (and non-stop) market demand

Cyber security, thankfully, has now become a part of the mainstream conversation. With billions of $$$ lost annually in such attacks, the large and small organizations are taking proactive measures to protect their IT infrastructure.

This has given rise to high market demand for certified ethical hackers and other cyber security experts. And this demand is expected to only grow in the coming years. So, there are seamless opportunities for professionals who have formal CEH training in Kolkata, India on their portfolio.

Failure of the traditional courses

In India, in the job market, we’re going through a major shift. A part of it comes because of the changing culture that navigates everyone to do what they love. But a major reason behind that shift is the total failure of traditional courses.

Millions of engineering and MBA graduates still remain unemployed. And those who do have a job, none of their technical skills are in effect in their roles. This trend has fueled the demand for CEH course in Kolkata.

A perfect entry point in the cyber security world

The cyber security world is quite extensive with multiple branches and many opportunities. A formal CEH training in Kolkata can open for you many career opportunities.

While certified ethical hackers are in high demand, you can pave yourself to many other roles, like security consultant, information security analyst, chief information security officer, security systems administrator and more.

So, there’s enough room here for you to enjoy the flexibility in choices.

These are 3 simple reasons why CEH training has become quite a popular career choice for lakhs of students not just in Kolkata but across the country.